Monday, October 2, 2006

Too Good to Last

Working 2 hours and getting paid for 3.2 hours just wasn't going to last - but it was nice while it did! The School Board added on an "A" run - so now I leave the driveway at 7:14AM still getting home before 9AM; in the afternoon I leave at 2:06 and still get home before 4PM. It's still a shortish run - just over the 3 hours, it's just that I'm actually driving for all the time that I'm paid for now. I know, poor me!!! It's okay - I have about 30-40 minutes of dead head (wait time in between runs) which I use for knitting.

I am going to be making an appearance at the Burr House Spinners & Weavers meeting this Wednesday. I'll be speaking about and demonstarting speed knitting and sharing my Back to Back experience. No I'm not switching sides here - knitting is my first love. Kathy bandied my name about and wangled me an invitation. I think that Lorraine has rallied the troops. She didn't strike me as the kind to let a potential convert slip lightly through her fingers like a baby alpaca fleece. Maybe I will find some nice yarn - yeah ... yarn good, fleece - good for becoming yarn. So if you're in the area join me in meeting some new fibre people.

The knitting is going great - Elise's sweater is one sleeve short of complete. The Naturally Easy Raglan is progressing nicely; especially since it's my "bus" knitting and now I have some extra time there!! I'm waiting for the CSNF to buy some different beads for my Butterfly - the ones I have just aren't showing up. If I can't find something that enhances the yarn then I'll just do it naked.

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