Monday, January 16, 2006

Swatching along

Kerwyn took me out to dinner & a movie Saturday - it was wonderful! We saw King Kong. Yes, it was long, but at least you feel that you're getting your money's worth! And I liken it to a good book - time is spent giving you background and a real feel for the characters. What did you expect from the man who put the Lord of the Rings trilogy on screen - a Disney movie? I really enjoyed it - and there were a number of handknits to remark on ... and Kerwyn was sweet enough to pretend to be interested every time that I pointed one out! Dinner was Mexicali Rosas in Barrie and it was fantastic! I haven't had a great Chimichanga since Chi-Chis closed down. Clean, nicely decorated, friendly service & great food - we have definitely found a new favourtie restaurant.

My thumb is healing, but I can kiss any plans of a career as a hand model goodbye! (No, hadn't really considered it seriously, but still ...) It is still quite sensitive around the edges and tends to open if it bumps against anything, like a knitting needle. However, it has healed sufficiently that I was able to -carefully- knit a fluffy scarf for Amanda during the movie. I also swatched for the Naturally DK sweater (for The Needle Emporium - I'll have to think of a name for it) and for a sweater for Fiona. I will be able to give you updates on the "Fiona sweater", but it is a secret project so there will be no photos. It is cotton and though simple enough I have to pay attention as the yarn tends to want to split.

I think that that's about it. sigh It didn't feel like much knitting and it sounds like even less when I type it out!


  1. Glad to hear your finger is healing well. It's great that you have all this commisioned work. I'm still trying to find something for me to knit. As of now, I'll just settle for the Noro Jabes sweater and some socks I guess.

    Thanks for posting a picture of your York. It looks so good. What size did you make? I'm starting to find that even the smallest size in those Noro Books are too big. Am I correct? Did you have to make any modifications for the york sweater for your son?

  2. I'm glad your thumb is feeling better ... hopefully soon it'll be fully healed. :)

  3. Now you've got me wanting Chimichangas. You gotta watch what you talk about around a pregnant woman you know :)