Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jaywalkin' Along

Thanks in part to The Worst Day Ever, I am almost at the toe shaping of my 2nd Jaywalker. I think that I will definitely have them done by J1's contest deadline.

Well, I got back in the saddle. I wasn't afraid to drive, but I was definitely feeling emotions that I can't quite put my finger on. The principal & vice-principal both personally thanked me (and Ken - the driver at the top of the hill) for our
"dedication to duty". They gave us a lovely card & gift certificates to Tim Hortons too!! (FYI - Tim's is an institution "up here" - you can throw a stone in most any direction & hit one.) I know, it's not yarn, but it means a lot to me that they acknowledge our efforts. Not that I seriously considered abandoning the kids and running home or curling up in the fetal position on the bus floor, rocking & humming to myself, but it's nice to know that what you do matters to someone.

And thank you to everyone for your wonderful & insightful comments on Kyle & his York. A little bit of my brain knew that my hands and heart were wishful knitting, but it knew a losing battle when it saw one. And I'm sure that you're right Matthew - Kyle will like it when he's a few years older and more confident (and wants to wear something a bit more fitted to impress someone - or a few someones).


  1. I LOVE your Jaywalkers! What yarn is that?


  2. Lookin' good!!

    It's always nice to feel appreciated. :)

  3. I love your Jaywalker sock - which yarn are you using?
    I am knitting one pair too - a hint to my identity since so few joined Cara's knit-along ;-)

  4. loving your colourway for your jaywalkers! And who DOESN'T love Tim's!!! WOOOPP WOOOOPPP!! We couldn't live without it! yummmm I think I can smell it calling me! Happy Jaywalking!

  5. Your jaywalkers look great!

    You've had your worst day, it's now behind you, every day from now on will be a breeze :-)

  6. The sock looks great! J1 - I like that. hehehe. Funny Secret Pal too.

  7. Did I say that? I was right about something? LOL Yeah, I'm sure he'll wear it eventually when he's out to impress.

    Tim Hortons coupons are gold!!! The Americans are missing out. When I lived in a small town they were everywhere!! In Toronto, they're a little bit harder to find :(