Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nice contents, nice wrapping

It's here!! I exercised a great deal of self control and did not rip it open at the mailbox. I even waited until I had started dinner and supervised some cleaning up. (And don't for a second think that supervising these 2 is easier than doing it myself.) A moment of relative calm, a nice drink ... then I opened it!
I'm not sure what Julie intends for the Naturally - there was no pattern. I e-mailed her, but I'm sure that it is a mere disease/drug-induced mental lapse.
And movie passes!!! The tangible spoils of knitting that can be shared by all (they both lament the lack of sweaters for themselves - easily rectified if they would just stop growing!!). Thanks Julie - I now have photographic evidence to introduce at my frequent neglect trials. "I'm encouraging your self-sufficiency!!" is my main rebuttal, followed with a quick "That - whatever excellent thing they just got - was bought with knitting money - you should help me to knit more!". They don't see the humour in it. hee hee hee

Of course, when presented with other gifts, they profess all sorts love for me and forgive my knitting other shortcomings. Wrapped in flannelette love from neck to toes (until she grows anyway)!! Amanda kept herself awake with frequent progress checks not so cleverly disguised as I-have-an-itch, I-need-a-drink and the logically ensuing bathroom break. She was so excited that I didn't smack her when she asked about the pyjamas!
I need a proper knitting break child. I did a bit on the DMS (though it doesn't look like much) and about an inch on the 2nd Jaywalker sock. sigh I sometimes wish that she was a little more difficult to impress. But not often - we all need an easy audience!


  1. Is naturally yarn for a commissioned work?

  2. The nightgown looks nice! :)