Friday, January 6, 2006

Is that your Final Swatch?

Yes Regis, it is. It is washed & blocked and I am very pleased. I did do some decreases across the cables before I did the seed stitch but I obviously know where I have to do more!! To answer Matthew, I love cables and the more involved the better. The Alternating, Seed Wishbone & Loose Braid cable are all quite straight forward & intuitive. The Lorgnette (S) cable is going to take a little longer to memorize and I will be checking the Baroque Cable every RS row!! I don't like all of my projects to be as mentally challenging but once in a while the rewards are worth it!!

Kenny - The FLAK cardigan (I've officially decided!) and the Jaywalker socks are for me. I don't think that anyone could pay me enough to knit socks for money.
I always have a pair on the go in my purse because they are so compact and easy to pick up & put down. The Daisy Meadow Shawl is for a client.

Renee - When I know up front that I'm not getting to keep what I knit it doesn't bother me. I would have a hard time knitting something for me (or my kids) and then giving it up. It's a state of mind for me. And if I really love the FO I just knit it again!!

Here is the blocked Tumbling Blocks cushion cover:
I will be able to sew on the Kaffe Fassett Fabric with my new sewing machine!!! It turns out that the gears were broke on the Athena - being a 31 year old machine, 12
of them with me I think that she did just fine!! Add in the fact that the gears were nylon = bonus points for Singer. It just wasn't cost effective to repair her. I will miss her but look forward to breaking in a new machine - not literally of course!!!

And after a lot of searching I found the Japanese knitting store (sorry - no website) at Woodbine & Hwy7 (Ontario, Canada).
I told Teresa (the owner) that she should walk around the mall and introduce herself to all of the other stores. Almost no one knew that there was a yarn/knitting store there - and she has been there for quite awhile!!! I ordered 2 magazines and they should arrive in about a month. Gorgeous magazines - worth the wait! I also picked up more dream/wish/lucky star strips - like I needed a new addiction.

Finally - I just had to take a
picture of this!! I know that parking spaces were hard to come by, but this is a textbook example of desperate!!!


  1. Hey Wannietta -- Hi! I meandered over from the FLAK list, and though I haven't yet to blog about it, nor commit to yarn for the project (probably go with Wool of the Andes), I've been already swatching around with cable patterns, and I'm going to use the Lorgnette Cable as well! So I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it knit up in your swatch. I'll keep an eye on your progress! Jenifer

  2. WOW!!! Love your swatch and I'm so impressed with your knitting!

    I'm sticking with Janet's choices since I don't have the technical expertise (yet) to work out a design like this on my own sweater. Keep posting your FLAK sweater as it progresses. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  3. I'm certainly impressed with your swatch for FLAK! I can't wait to see pictures as your FLAK progresses.

    And, I'm impressed at the desperation for a parking spot. Somebody sure likes to live on the edge. : )

  4. Wannietta your swatch is beautiful. I love the look of all those cables. Your sweater will be gorgeous.

  5. Wannietta - excellent swatch! What is the name of the Japanese Knitting Store you went to?

  6. WOW! Your swatch and choice of cables is wonderful! I'm subbing you to bloglines so I don't miss anything :-). Take care, Tori

  7. Thank you for addressing us all personally. I feel special! :)

  8. Jocelynn3:02 PM

    I have actually been known to park like that. I love my little truck. You should see the driving skills during the holiday season. We went to Square One in Mississauga and there was definately a shortage on parking that day. We had this little lowered Honda or whatever it was following us back to our parking space for at least a click. We were parked out in bumble-f*#$. He was quite disappointed when he realized that he needed a bit more height to his vehicle to park on the little mountain we settled for.

  9. Wannietta, your swatch looks great, as does your tumbling blocks cushion. I love it! Was it (the tumbling blocks) difficult? That'd look super cute in my son's bedroom ...

    My hubby parks like that in my Saturn ... His theory "there's a parking space there in the summer, there's one now ..." LOL

  10. I've seen some creative parking but that's really something! Way to make those of us driving Civics wish for an SUV.

    Your swatch looks great. Can't wait to see more.

  11. Beautimous (as my daughter would say) swatch!