Monday, January 23, 2006


It goes beyond TAKE (Team Against Knitting Enjoyment - Yarn Harlot). My family are all Platinum Card-caryying Members of that club. It's about preventing me from knitting at all!!! She knows that I have deadlines and how I cannot resist the little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle begging me to help them find their place in the "big picture". And yet she does this:
And that is not a cute, care-free, happy grin - it is the insidious smirk of a covert operative bent on knitting sabotage!!! Do not make eye contact ... she has honed her big brown-eyed, hint-of-a-tear-that's-gone-with-a-giggle, bat an eyelash & come hither hypnosis to a razor-sharp edge. I escaped only after lulling her into a false sense of comraderie and then distracting her with a shout of "packing snow!!". It was a narrow escape which I had to repeat several times, using different distracting techniques (she's clever & not easily sidetracked).

I was able to get quite a bit done on the Top Secret Sweater and made
visible progress on the Daisy Meadow Shawl. It is going to be beautiful when it is done & I can work some blocking magic on it.

I also have a new toy therapeutic device. It is a Homedics Parafin Bath. It is seriously excellent for providing a deep warmth for my chronic cold hands and also is helping to prevent the endless dryness and cracking that interferes with knitting. I love it. Should have bought one sooner!!

Thanks for all of the supportive comments about the Worst Day. And I humbly accept Logan's apology on behalf of his former bus driver - I think that we all would like to apologize to someone for something (or a lot of somethings) that we did as kids!

Anne & Secret Pal - my Jaywalkers are Regia Colour #5440 Party Color. And I am repeating the "secret" part of SP7 over and over to myself and am resisting the very strong urge to at least compare the SP7 participant list with the Jaywalker list and find my Secret Pal. I have almost convinced myself (well a small part of myself anyway) that this is a good character builiding exercise.

Cara thinks I'm funny!! Thanks - I try and have moments of success (in which I revel for shamefully prolonged periods of time). I think that J1 is charismatic, engaging and challenging with funny thrown in for good measure.


  1. You ARE funny, Wannieta. I love it how you write and then put a strikethrough through the words that you 'don't' mean to say. It's like hilarious.

    BTW, did you have any problems with the Jaywalker? I'm doing mine and the kfb's just don't look to nice.

  2. I have to agree ... you ARE funny.

    TAKE is everywhere it seems. First it's a cute little 2 year old who climbs on the kitchen counter, then it's a cute little girl who wants to do a massive puzzle. What are we knitters going to do?!?

  3. Thanks u2!!

    Kenny - I didn't have any problems per se. I also wasn't keen on the kfb, but since I was a Jaywalker virging I didn't change it. Were I to make another pair, I would do the appropriate right- or left-slanting M1 increase. But that's only because I'm particular like that ;o}