Sunday, January 1, 2006

The best kind of present

Thoughtful, from the heart, made and given in love.
Ada is a talented and prolific sock knitter (45+ pairs) and I am thrilled beyond belief to have these 2 new pairs in my sock drawer. She also made the beautiful bracelet for me - I love it!!!

We had a great day together on Friday and after doing some errands about town settled down to complete a puzzle she had started w
ith another guest the previous day. Of course, all of the easy bits had been done and all of the blackish/greenish/leafy bits were left. Ada is persistent but I am exponentially so. I cannot turn my back on an uncompleted puzzle and never back down from a challenge. Each piece was taunting me, laughing at each unsuccessful attempt to pound place them into their unique place in the grand scheme of things. I came. I saw. I conquered. Here is the finished puzzle with Ada placing the last piece.

I put the last handle on my Alfie purse on Friday! This was a Rowan subscriber gift from a number of years ago that I finally started this past summer. After making a number of finesse changes it got put away because I wanted to buy cord for the handles to give them some substance. I am suitably impressed with the results and am looking forward to warmer weather so use it.
We picked up Kerwyn's Yaris yesterday. Both kids rode home with him (yeah, I was all busted up about that!) and we are once again a 2-car family. I know he's not wearing a sweater - but isn't he sexy in silver?

I have just not been able to get gauge (22sts/10cm) with the Briggs & Little yarn - and it isn't for a lack of trying! I think that some yarns are just more worsted than others. So I set it aside (gently - I'm not mad at the yarn) and found a ball of Patons Classic Wool and started swatching. It seems more inclined to want to be knit at a tighter gauge so I will take myself out tomorrow, find a colour that I like and buy enough of it for the FLAK. I am disappointed because I really loved the Fir-coloured B&L, but I know that I can find the sweater that this yarn wants to be.

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