Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Olympic challenge

Stephanie has thrown down the gauntlet in a serious way. I would really like to join this (1st bi-annual? to coincide with the Summer & Winter Games) historic event but I'm afraid that I may have to throw in a light-weight project. I have 2 end-of-February deadlines and I really don't think that I can get them done before the Olympics start. I'm going to sign up but will have to reserve committing to project until I know better what kind of time I will have available.
Stephanie must be striving for "Citius" with her choice of project. I am quite stunned and look forward to seeing it finished after the closing ceremony.
Definitely a challege worthy of an Olympian!!

I am a Flaker slacker. I need to sit down and do some math and I freely admit to procrastinating. These things are never as bad as I build them up to be, but I'm a little scared that the cable patterns that I've chosen will not work out and/or will require serious tweaking re-designing.

And somehow National De-lurking week came and went without my knowledge. So this is a belated salute and in tribute I have added a button to my sidebar that will hopefully encourage you all to leave even an itty bitty comment. I probably won't hate you or stalk you as a result of letting me know that you stopped by.

Here is a picture of my knitting progress yesterday. This is a fairly light-weight fabric so it is not a quick knit. I have received permission from Fiona to post the most useless photos that I can possibly take/edit of my project for her for your blog-viewing pleasure (we all like the blogs with pictures!).

Oh, and I forgot to say yesterday: GO Steelers!!!


  1. Nancy J12:34 PM

    GO STEELERS, indeed! (I'm 24 miles from Heinz Field/PNC Park.)Been enjoying your blog the last week or so!

  2. Hello! I like you project picture ... very discrete. I haven't decided if I should join the Olympics yet either ... Maybe. Hmmm.