Thursday, January 5, 2006

Proof that I was meant to knit

After hours of back-breaking pinning, sutting, and marking dots and crap for Amanda's nightdress I set to finishing the overlocking. Kyle (to his credit) did offer to do some. Most of the some was done poorly, but not so poorly as to need re-doing. So, bottom line, he helped. I was going along great, then my poor Singer Athena 2000, which was aged when I bought it used over 15 years ago, started sounding wrong.
Like a man who is one with his machine (whatever his machine of choice is), I can hear when my bread maker, dishwasher, washing machin
e or sewing machine is telling me something. I do have this ability with my Toyota Sienna, but even though Kerwyn only drives it occasionally he is much more in tune with the subtleties of it.
I digress ... my Athena was sounding wrong. So I slowed down a little (and don't think that that didn't pain me - I mean this is boring shit. Sewing a zig zag around the edge of fabric - come on!!! At least with st st I get do move my fingers!!!). Then it came to the point where the top thread wasn
't picking up & locking with the bobbin thread. *%@+ I took it apart a bit, cleaned out the fluff, switched over to a straight-stitch plate & foot to see if it was a stitch problem and the goddess refused to move the needle. A deep, guttural whine was the auditory accompaniment to the lack of movement.
I don't sew a lot. While I can do the basics and maybe muddle through some more intermidate bits, I wouldn't call myself especially adept or remotely skilled at sewing. I have the machine because I like to be able to fix seams that rip, hem a bit or sew some knitting should the need arise. There are also delusional moments (brought on by a knitted FO euphoric
high, hunger-induced delirium and an angelic face asking for pyjamas "can't you just make some?") when I forget the last time I sewed something. And I wonder why my kids are students of the School of Hard Knocks? It's obviously genetic!! I don't ask a lot of quantity time from my Athena, but when I need her I expect quality time. I do take her in for maintenance & (now that I'm thinking about it!) she was just fixed last winter for a zigzag issue. Anyway, that's where the nightdress sits. And just sits. I am going to take it in to a shop on Friday and see if I need to let her retire after many years of faithful service for her family. sigh Definitely a sign to stick to knitting. I can't imagine knitting a nightdress though. sigh

Happier news --- The first Jaywalker sock is almost done! I'm into the toe decs but I just couldn't finish it last night. I've been staying up later & later and laying in later to match. This is going to hurt on Monday!

Here is the altered FLAK swatch. It is upside down so this is how it will look (the Baroque Cable on the right is the Center). The revised version is at the bottom of the picture. Saun helped me nail down what I may have been feeling. The Seed Wishbone just didn't fit in right next to the very bold Baroque. I shifted everything over and put the Seed Wishbone on the left (which will be at the underarm). I like it there. If I don't need to add any more fillers stitches to get the measurement that I need it will give a bit of continuity to the seed stitch that I put into the Baroque. Saun - I did consider using the Alt Cable again at the end (and even swatched it a bit) but decided that I thought it would look too symetrical for the side panel. I think that that combination would be great as a center panel with something a bit smaller to flank it. No, I have no time to knit 2 FLAK sweaters (and I say this very sternly to myself!!). I really think that I prefer the Loose Braid, even though it is a trickier cable and I also did a Bobble in the Lorgnette Cable instead of the Knot. I think that this is it folks. It just needs a blocking and some math and it will start to be a sweater!!

I have done a bit on the Daisy Meadow Shawl - it is starting to be a bit intuitive. Not always easy with lace - at least for me. I patted it out a bit so that you can get a sense of the delicate beauty trapped in those scrinchy-looking stitches.

I also spent a great deal of time yesterday making these: {Blogger is tired of uploading my pics - I'll try later}
I read about these Dream/Wish/Luck Stars on somebody's blog, found the little strips of paper that came with instructions and then I totally couldn't follow the pictures!! I felt like the village idiot - there were like 20 little pictures baby-steeping me through it. sigh Then I Googled and found a website that spoke Village Idiot and voila!! Kyle has about the same amount in a small jar & Amanda has a pile too that I told her that she could string and hang from her doorway (with the beadstrings and plastic circles). Some of them have my own dreams, wishes and affirmations written on them and some are just blank. Amanda immediately asked if she could open them & read them. I laughed and told her no, they were like my secret hopes and wishes for her and that she was just to know that each star means that I was thinking a special thought for her. I've mentioned it before - I'm a sentimental sap.


  1. I just had a comment typed in here then Lily came along and thumped the keyboard and it disappeared. Ugh. Sorry to hear about Athena. Hopefully it's nothing too serious, though a new sewing machine would be nice maybe ... I love the colour of your jaywalker socks, and your shawl is gorgeous! The FLAK swatch looks much more balanced now. Well done. :) I have never heard of those stars before. Very interesting. I will have to read more about them. :)

    Happy knitting!

  2. Wow Wannietta, that is all gorgeous. Now my question, is the flak and lace and jaywalker all for you or are they commissioned?

    BTW: sorry about your sewing machine.