Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yes, Virginia ...

Well, actually it's more like, "Yes, Wannietta, there is a deity listening to you endless entreaties. You've been granted a !"

Unfortunately, that means that there is a driveway to shovel.
Fortunately, Amanda is an eager and cooperative minion!
Unfortunately, Kyle is less so.

Fortunately, Prescod woman are resolute, able-bodied and independent and don't need a man-child's sullen and unwilling assistance to get the job done!

I've also been trying to make a (noticeable) dent in the laundry piles.
The washing machine has lately decided to stop just before the rinse cycle. I can either just tap the dial or give it an enthusiastic sidekick to start it up. This of course, requires a fairly high degree of diligence (which, since it's not yarn/knitting related has a hard time getting that). So laundry turns into quite a protracted chore.
Then of course, I need to help download music and upload the same music to an mp3 player.
And feed the progeny (I've explained countless times that they will not actually starve if food does not pass their lips every hour!).

So it is only now that I am able to get to the job of making sure that the chesterfield doesn't just float away and get some knitting done. Ah well, this is when speed comes in handy - making up for lost time!

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