Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Patrick,

I've been neglectful. I won't start making excuses - other women are busy and they find time for the special man in their lives. You've been so very patient and so today is going to be all about you.
I'm making coffee right now which I will drink while I take a nice soak in the hot tub. I'll be thinking only of you. Then I'll slip into something nice & comfortable and we'll curl up together on the chesterfield and spend some quality time together. Oh God - that sounded cheesy & you deserve better! Not just quality
time Patrick - quantity.
Today I devote myself to you - no counting calories or minutes. We'll mark time by stitches and rows and repeats. We'll share laughs with The View, tears with the Newmans on Y&R and - oh Patrick!!! it's Wednesday!!! the best TV night of the week!! Today is going to be perfect!
Get your graph ready Patrick - you're going to need it! We'll make some beautiful sweater
together today.

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