Sunday, November 18, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - 12.3

WagaDooGoo? OoGooDooGoo? A WagaDogo? Ooo - whatever this place is? Awagodohgo? O Go Da Ga Doo Go Doh? OoGodaGoDa? OWoDaGoDoo? OWaGoDoh?

Ah Ha!! Ouagadougou!!

Of course you'll be set Nathan - everyone knows that getting on the first flight out is the key! Whatever dude.
Well, hopefully this new revelation/realization will change your future actions Ronald.
1/2 an hour is lots of time to check in - gotta lose the negativity Ron.
Good plan Ron - roll with the pain thing. Get a wheelchair and get to the front of the line. (or are you just getting your loser excuse ready?)

Jen should stop lying - poor baby Jesus is crying hard!!
That's right, a cabbie wouldn't take advantage of two blondes in a foreign country!
LMAO - did you see him giggle? He had their money - what did they think would happen?
Horny old man - yeah, I bet you could learn to live with it real easy!
Lucky to be there Nathan, but even luckier to be able to go back to your cushy home.
Does Ronald have a hernia? I'll have
I could totally milk a camel! It looks a bit more challenging than milking a cow, but I'm down with raw milk.
Poor Lorena - the squealing wasn't helping her much.
Roll with it Azaria - a camel's breasts - love them & stroke them gentle!
Nice long draw Christina - good technique.
Sweet warm milk - mmmm!
A little late to not be stressing.
Yeah - the blind leading the blind. I wouldn't have a good feeling either.
Christina's got it going on Ronald. I hope that you mean it when you say you'll listen to her more.

Poor Lorena - still with the freaking out!
The camels have probably gotten fed up with the amateur fondling and are deliberately drying up.
I'd totally learn it.
SmileyCentral.comNot that the kids aren't smart, but I'd rather rely on my own abilities.
Okay - Jen didn't complain about the milk, she just quietly gagged on it.
Azaria & Hendekea totally rocked that!
Someone - please put Lorena out of her misery!
Honestly - if she's that scared of animals to start with why wouldn't Jason have taken this roadblock?

I think that this lends new meaning to "crying over spilt milk".
The Zen Art of Milking - Be One with the Camel.
Listen to Ron being all multilingual!
We know that you're not a spring chicken Ronald - you're an old whiner!!
I think that this was one of the closest legs ever!! 5 teams almost all at once.
Nice wet t-shirt, off-the-shoulder shot.
C'mon my Latina sisters!!! You've totally got this!
Shit - I know that Lorena worked extra hard for this one but I really like Julia &
That was an emotional hour! I could use a beverage - can I bring you one?

Sounds like a was used - that oughta be good!!

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