Sunday, November 25, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part 12.4

B-I-N-G-O ...

Azaria maybe hasn't heard this little saying - Confident, cocky, careless, dead.
Keep the chicken with you - does it have to arrive alive? Is this like the "baby egg" in high school?
Good idea TK - psych yourselves out. I mean, there's nothing on the line, no pressure. You'll forget all about the million and race for fun so that there's no pressure.
Good thing that Christina is going to continue to be patient 'cause I think that we'd all die holding our breath waiting for Ronald to change.
Hey - don't laugh!! Flapping chicken wings can hurt.
Donald you gotta be careful man! You can fling a turkey around by the neck, chickens are a bit more fragile.
Let's not name what could potentially be dinner.
When you gotta go, you gotta go.
I think that I'd have to shake the pan - I'm extremely white where rhythm is required.

That's one crazy-assed chicken dance.
Nate is just stompin' - he wasn't dancing at all!!
That's awesome - WTG sibs!!!
Don't beat up on yourself Jen - Nate is holding you back a bit.
Does rump shakin' get you a thumbs up?
Way to rush the old guy Nick & then not even be sure that you're rushing in the right direction!
OMG - Kynt & Vyxsin are like nothing that Africa has seen before!
But they rocked (or would it be gothed?) it out!!
Woulda, coulda, shoulda TK but you didn't want to get your feet all wet & dirty I guess.
Sexy & blonde - use it if you've got it.
Who are you 2 trying to convince? You're doing it because you want to not because "It's a game, they'll understand. They'd do it to us."

You made a mistake - I'm sure that Jason & Lorena will totally understand!
Karma is a bitch with a very long memory!
Awwww - poor baby goats!
American Idol ... in Africa - you're hilarious Jason!!!
Aw c'mon Jen - work that blondeness a bit.
Again with the "MAY be eliminated"!!
is up with that?!?
And again with Ronald knowing how to do the task that he chose not to do.
You're a team Jennifer; you couldn't talk Shana out of u-turning Jason & Lorena so
I am so hoping that Jennifer totally screws up this roadblock and Jason & Lorena beat them!!

I like how Lorena has pulled herself together after the last (disastrous) leg.
Hey Vyxsin - what like African child could not love your pink hair?
YES!!! I don't care how many times the sibs have won 1st I am thrilled to see them beat Jen & Nate!
Poor Jen - it's not fair! Everyone should have a turn to come in 1st. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF RACE?!?!
Funny how that is - other countries speaking other languages that you don't understand. And that makes it hard for you!!!

Crap - maybe Jen & Shana will get lost on the way back to the pit stop.
Poor Rachel - at least she didn't totally panic.
Kynt & Vyxsin are really growing on me as a team.
I really hate to see Jason & Lorena go out like this - I hope that there is a saving twist. They would have been right in the thick of it without that u-turn!
So why does Phil keep saying "MAY" be eliminated? It was stated at the beginning of the race that there would be no non-elimination legs. Am I the only one confounded/irritated by this?
People stay married because they want to too - otherwise they get one of those new-fangled divorces Jason!

That was one of the best legs yet - I really enjoyed it! I can't wait to see the blondes get theirs. And Nate & Jen will be hot on the heels of the sibs.
And while I'm sure that I don't want Ronald to actually be hurt, it's kind of satisfying to see him not know how to do something.
Okay - when I said "get theirs" I really didn't mean "get hit by a bus".

But who am I to question the will of God?

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