Sunday, November 4, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta 12.1

Straight up I'm liking Ronald & Christina, Kynt & Vyxsin should be totally fun to watch, the LA Blondes should give me some nice material if they last and Nathan sucks.

No non-elimination legs - cool. There has to be some sort of immunity twist along the line somewhere though.

Is the silver one faster?
Okay - I'm sure that TAR isn't out to rip you off. It's cool that you want to make sure that your finances are in order and all, but in case you missed the name of the show - it's a RACE!!!
I'd be driving over the freakin' lawn! Rookies.

Brains don't seem to be helping the sibs read the map.
Or maybe they are just instinctually brainy and don't need to read a map.
One of those classic Irish blondes.
Okay - not instinctual at all.
The sibs superior smarts (SSS) don't seem to be an advantage quite yet. Dumb (Irish) blonde luck prevails.

SSS - 0
DBL - 1

The 12th race and only one team (with an alliance) thinks to use a cell phone to call ahead and book a taxi?
Stealing a cab? On TAR?

A delayed plane - it was bound to happen.
SSS - 1
TAR as a love letter ... hopscotching around it. Sounds like a bunch of one night stands to me.
Well, it didn't take long for Nathan's true colours to start showing.
WTG Kynt & Vyxsin!
A tandem bike - OMG, this is gonna be good!!
Who's going to be right - Jason or Lorena? I'm pulling for Jason.

And yet he's man enough to admit it.
Running with a bike - well I hope it works for them.
No fucking way!!! Not on the bottom, not on the top. Here in the race is where I would stop.
I'm having a small panic attack just watching them.
No TK - maybe you should choose the furthest donkey. Just for shits & giggles to see if you can keep your lead.
Go Vyxsin!!
Maybe the lonely donkey doesn't play well with others & it might not be a good choice.
Not an especially sturdy hitching post.
The sibs sure did pick a winner!

Nathan got the ass that he deserved. Jackass met Stubborn Ass.

SSS - 1
When in doubt follow the rest of the teams.
"Donkey's have souls too." And maybe they sense the frustration and hatred that is radiating off of Ari & Nathan and are giving back what they're getting.
See? My Latina sisters know how to talk to a donkey!
Poor Jennifer is crying off her mascara.
And once you get that ass moving you do whatever it takes to keep up.
Ronald is such a sweetie! "Who's your Daddy?"
Marianna & Julia rock!
Ari deserved to lose and Nathan totally deserves to be in last place to kick off the next leg.

SSS - 2
DBL - 1

What a great start - this is going to be a very interesting season!!
See you at the starting line!

I think that comparing Grandpa to Tarzan is like comparing Picasso to a pre-schooler.

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