Sunday, November 4, 2007

Total Denial

This past week has not happened. Well, maybe it has but I have another personality dealing with it and as long as I maintain a certain blood alcohol level I can keep that personality passively pushed down below my knees. That and knitting kept me at a functionally sane level.
It wasn't pretty & I'm not especially proud of my coping skills but Kerwyn was in Vegas at a trade show and I'm here on the other side, both children are alive and well and I have further proof that I could not possible be a single parent.

I have managed to get some knitting done - here is a Chrome Impression
of a sweater that I'm working on for Bonne & the toes of a sock that I'm knitting for Elise.

Patrick is coming along - he needs me to work from a chart so he's my at home work. I am intent on not
screwing up a single cable this time Julie!!

I gave in to the
temptation that is Tempted Yarns & OMG it's gorgeous!!! The pink one is Bordello & the blue one is Don't Ask Don't Tell. I them.

Hey - GOOD NEWS!!! The Amazing Race starts tonight and that brings with it the tradition that is Watching TAR With Wannietta where I blog while I watch so you get my running commentary. I don't generally pick a favourite team or start picking on a team until they get underway and really give me a reason, but I see a team of blondes ... and one of them is an actress ()!!
See you at the starting line!!

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