Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Progress Report

Even when the rest of my life is in shambles, knitting provides a comforting, stabilizing continuity. Thanks for your encouragement - I'm sure that I'm not the first mom/parent to go through this kind of -altering torture difficult phase, and I probably won't be the last.
I love The Boy so much & I feel like every decision is the wrong one and he mostly hates my ideas & consequences and rebels to the -nth degree. I must be doing something right! LOL Mostly I can shrug it off but once in awhile I just have to let it out.
The Boy does drive me to eat - what with the bus driving morning & night I'd make either a very lame alcoholic or a very dangerous bus driver and the perfectionist in me doesn't like either of those alternatives.

Patrick & I have been busy making stitches - and we've done good!!
The rest should go faster - I find that the back is (or at least I perceive it to be - it could be some sort of food-induced altered state of being) the slowest piece. I'm always measuring, re-measuring, oops - frogging, and measuring. Once it's done then I just have to knock of the front to match and then re-calculate the sleeve increases according to my row gauge.
I know, it looks especially large but keep in mind that this is Rowan Denim and it will shrink about 20% in length with the first washing. But yes, it is a lot of knitting!!

I've also knit up the back & fronts of a cardigan for
Chicknits. I'm well into the 1st sleeve, so it won't be long now Bonne!

And finally 1st sleeve for a side-to-side sweater for Elise. I'm using Koigu Kersti & while I really loved it before I'm in extra-deep, hard core lust now!

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