Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - 12.2

I've carbed up and I'm ready to run!!

If you're not the driver you're the navigator - what's to discuss?
No doubt Kynt - Amsterdam is your kinda city!
Old people moving more slowly than you. Hunh. Go figure. It's only the 2nd leg Nick - I'm sure you'll start giving Grandpa some motivational words soon.
I won't argue with you - you're an idiot. Maybe you have to push the indicator away from you to make the brights stay on.
As long as you know where you're going Ronald.
I guess the Sibs haven't seen TAR before - airports are one of the great equalizers.
Yeah Ron, I'm sure that harassing Chris will make the internet run faster.
No Kate, it's not just you, it looked like Ron was hard on her to everyone!
Well it is a RACE - I'm not sure that slow but smart will always cut it.
OMG - will it come down to the fastest typer?!? YES it did.
As long as TAR uses airplanes there is always hope. Delays, bumps, standby and pure dumb luck will always play a part.
Well then, why don't you try being in salesman-mode with your daughter?
Interpretation isn't your problem Ronald - you're a meddler and you don't know how to self-edit. What do you care if Nick is rude and it makes them late? I'm sure that you feel some righteous shame for Donald, but that man looks like he can hold his own with his grandson.

Well, those weren't the first two activities that come to mind when I think of Amsterdam, but then again this is a family show.
We'd go with the hoisting - Kerwyn would have that shit up the ropes in no time!
Macrame for Movers - it could be a class.
OK - I mean just looking at you I can tell that your arms are your biggest muscle.
I'm not sure how
work in Amsterdam, but here they run more than once per day.
It doesn't look like rocket science TK.

It really is quicker to ride the bike than to walk it Donald.
Rachel doesn't know what she's doing - compared to who!?!

You rock Rachel!!
Can you imagine Canadian farmers vaulting ditches?

WTG Jason!
Of course it's easy - that's why TAR picked it for a Roadblock.
Didn't take much to confuse you Ronald.
"Oceans of bicycles." There are only 2 tasks to choose from - you can't be such a bloody defeatist about them both!

May be eliminated??? What happened to no non-elimination legs?
Oh, that's lovely Jen. Maybe you could at least spit on the ditch side of the road.

Again with Nate comparing Jen to other girls. That man is a slow learner.

I can't believe that Nate and Jen are #2.
Yeah ... you told her Ronald. We get it.
I do recall Ronald telling Kristina that she could pick the task. He's the adult - ADD or not he needs to not be such an !!
Well Nick, next time speak up faster if you want to do the task.
Decompress? What WE did wrong? Christina vascillated? She disappointed you!!! Dude - just wait 'til you see this replayed on TV; you will kick yourself (if we're lucky).
I think that Christina is showing a remarkable amount of maturity & restraint.

Poor Pat & Kate! The buses are being rough on a few teams this leg.
Again with the "may" be eliminated!
That was a little more Donald than I needed to see!
Team #4 - WTG Kynt & Vixsin.
I think that Ronald is going to be the resident expert on everything this Race. C'mon. Of course - I'm sure that watching the 'ongoing demonstrations' is the answer to everything! Do you understand. That's the principle ... Breathe. The principle of the thing ... I could have done it better. Don't contaminate the thing. You need to lose weight.
Karma's a bitch man.
I don't think that I can keep listening to him!!!
Christina is so nice - doing this with her dad obviously means so much to her that she is willing to do & take a lot to make it work.
You nailed it Ronald - you are the Archie Bunker of TAR. I hope that next week you do the roadblock!

Sorry Kate and Pat - smart
alone just didn't cut it this week. You really gave it a good go - we'll miss you!

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