Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Apple

It fell from the highest branch and off of the farthest tip of that branch. It then proceeded to roll down the hill, splash into the river and float until the tree from which it fell was less than a wisp of a memory.

Kerwyn & I are both hard working people with a work ethic that involves generous measures of diligence, conscientiousness and delivery.
There is no doubt that Kyle (The Apple) is our child but it's becoming less and less immediately apparent.
I just got a call from his counselor at school (whose counsel is suspect and may be a contributing to the problem - but that's another whole session) who gave me his mid-term marks. Bad. Bad. Worse. And fucking humiliating!
No, I don't know what he really wants to do. He doesn't really know what he wants to do. I don't know what lies he told the computer in careers at school, but it told him that he'd make a great money manager.
Now, Kyle is smart and certainly has the potential to be a money manager (of other people's money that is), but right now he lacks the immediate motivation to do what it would take to be a money manager in the future. A 26% in math will keep him well out of any reputable financial institution and will probably keep him in the kitchen and away from the cash registers at McDonalds!!! Deep cleansing breaths!
I'm sure I really fucking hope that he finds his métier soon and starts pursuing whatever it is with something that resembles zeal.
I think that I've made his last 3 days miserable enough - no TV, gaming platform(s) or DVD's and compelled him into coming with me morning & night on my bus run and sundry, boring errands - that he won't get suspended again. I know, you all know me as a fun-loving happy-go-lucky kinda gal; I've pushed her down and brought out my inner hard-assed bitch. It's for his own good.

Carol & Sandra did this, and I'm just a humble sheep and will do it to. If you're reading this Kyle you might want to have a dictionary handy!
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