Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Warm Hands Network

I met Anita & Amy at the Hilton on Thursday night. They were sitting and talking with friends and when they were taking pictures of each other I asked if they'd like me to take a picture of them together. They remarked on my knitting and invited me to join them. We talked, ate, drank and knit - I knit squares for the Warm Hands Network that night.

Dilys - thank you so much! I had no idea you had included me (I didn't want to presume) so I didn't thank you. I was hoping to see you at the show, but I hope that you'll read this.

They invited Joan to join them at the booth and she did.
She and Joyce hit it right off.

The strips of knitting and crocheting that were done at the Fastest Knitter booth were donated to the Warm Hands Network, so all of my practicing is going to a good cause.

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