Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Knitting

I am done the knitting on a Vancouver sweater for Artisan Knitworks out of Schaefer Marjaana & Koigu Rumba. The colours blend beautifully. A little assembly & a neck treatment and it's done.

Here is a little peak at the La Luz
camisole that I'm knitting for Elise. There is a solid & variegate - they blend so very well together. And that's just the WS of the fabric!!

Here is Amanda's Croc and the bit of the sock that I've restarted.
Yes, it is pink!!

I finished the 2nd ChicKami, but sent it off before I took a picture. I know, bad blogger! Just imagine the denim blue one only in a light blue & with wide straps. There!! I knew you could do it! Isn't it lovely?

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