Sunday, April 22, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part X

3:41AM departure - that makes me tired.
"I wonder if we're allowed to prostitute ourselves." LOL Oswald. Just stay frugal dude.
Well Dustin, just because the ferry wasn't a "catch up" point doesn't mean that there isn't one on this leg of the race.
Oh, we've seen how you don't treat Charla in a special way Mirna. You're just as bitchy with her as you are with everyone else.
Yielding another team for money - I think that that qualifies as prostituting yourself.
Shame on you Danny & Oswald!!!
Danielle darlin', you have no idea how cutthroat & crazy it's gonna get!
Poor Mirna - logical sense evades you.
You're in a harness - no biggie walking around a tower. And falling - no problem. Falling's the easy part - it's the landing that may pose some challenges.
You GO Charla!!!
I bet Eric swears.
Pay up - I called it.

I hope that the yield backfires on the and not Danny & Oswald. They made a poor choice but I still like them.
or Dragon
mmmmmmm - noodles!!!
LOL Danny - "Oh, there's plenty of water." Between the rain
& the river I was thinking the exact same thing!!
Dustin doesn't weigh enough to bounce the dough down enough.
Mirna & Charla are just awkward.
You were cutting it Mirna - if you thought that Charla was giving you mis-information you should have kept on as you were. Another example of the not special treatment. That's just sour grapes 'cause you got passed by Eric & Danielle.
Poor Danny & Oswald. Lost in Translation

Yeah, little Chinese Barbie cars.
Measure twice, cut once Mirna.
Okay Danny & Oswald -
Look at the size of the thing Mirna - push it!!

Yeah Mirna. I'm sure that when they make a car with the pedals about 2' from the seat and windows low enough that Charla can see out, she'd be more than happy to drive.
If you think that Danny & Oswald don't deserve to win, wait till you find out who really doesn't.
D & O!!!

Awww man!! Payback's a !!
No Way - another non-elimination. I lost track of those.
The boys have their work cut out for them.
Another misquote.
Money is not the root of all evil - the love of money is the root of all evil.

Is the Air Force equipped to handle Mirna & Charla? Will Mirna talk to them like uniformed & armed village idiots? Can Danny & Oswald make good time & amends? Only time will tell.

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