Monday, April 23, 2007

done & doner

I've been recovering nicely - completely back to normal. Normal of course being a very subjective adjective. Then there was enjoying the last 3 days - abso-freakin'-lutely gorgeous days!!
The Marjaana/Rumba Vancouver pullover is done!
I've started on the Taos Cardigan out of Online Rush

I have finished the La Luz ca
misole for Elise. Nice try, but you are just going to have to wait for the book! The yarn is absolutely sumptuous and sublime. The soft, sleek texture and the rich colours that dance in perfect harmony with each other. I'm gonna make one for myself and just not wear it anywhere until the book comes out.

This is Leyna, my cousin Natasha's daughter. She's almost 5 months old.
Amanda & I enjoyed our turns holding her. And though Amanda professed a deep desire and love for a baby sister, I felt nary a twinge. I mean she's cute and all but 2 is all the happiness that I can stand. Any more happiness would kill someone. Seriously.

Awesome news - our favourite Crazy Aunt Purl is being published! She's got all the deets on her blog. I'm not a fan of pre-ordering books (been burnt) but I will definitely be at the head of the line when it hits Chapters for real.
Véronik Avery is also getting her own book! I'm totally stoked for this one - Véronik truly has a grasp of the meaning of classic. And when I say classic I don't mean boring.
I met Véronik years ago when she was a fledgling designer - her husband was doing a play in Toronto and through a knitlist we met up. I knit a sweater for her for IK a number of years back and now she's the creative director for JCA. I can't wait to get her book!!!

Mischief just loves trying to help me type - the operative word here being "try". It doesn't take long for her to quit that - hey, you gotta know your limits - and just snuggle in.
My knitting chair upstairs is just not wide enough for her to be beside me so it's on my lap. But then she insinuates herself on or around my arms. She's nothing if not persistent & loving!

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