Sunday, April 15, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part IX

I'm sure that there is "yield karma". I'm not so sure that yielding someone is "playing dirty". It's a legit part of the game - suck it up buttercup!!
Couldn't ya just cut the air in that elevator? I'm surprised that they could breathe with all of
that tension.
Danny & Oswald aren't just nice & cute - they're smart!!
Begging works
- poor Desmond was just overwhelmed. How could he turn them away?
Beauty Queens are genuinely puzzled. didn't take much
If someone is waiting in an airport and you don't see them waiting ... were they still waiting?
YES - Danny & Oswald are on the 1st flight.
I know it's a million dollars,
but to even joke about killing yourself over a flight?
Who will be 1st on standby on Malaysia Air?
Will more than 1 team make it on that flight?
Don't touch that dial - we'll be back in
+ for these answers and more!!

Don't stir it up Dustin! Telling Eric that you think he's next in line doesn't erase the Yield.
A cabbie with driving gloves. I don't know whether or not to be happy that he is willing to drive fast or be scared.
What's the big deal - stunts are carefully planned & it's a professional driver.

Kung Fu Fighting
or Lost in Translation (hated that movie btw)
Kung Fu Fighting - that sign thing could go wrong in so many ways.
See? No worries!! Padded & strapped in - nothin' but Pit Stop.

Geez Mirna - the whole point is to climb with the ninjas fighting around you. They're not going to go away!
Charla is breaking down people's perceptions of what she can do or not do - especially yours Mirna! You were the one who thought (and told her) how hard it would be.
I think that Mirna & Charla would've been in some difficulty anyway because they were supposed to take the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island, not have a cabbie
drive them there.
Well, Eric & Danielle might just be able to catch up!

I would totally kick down doors!!
I'm so glad that Danny & Oswald are getting such a fab trip!! After giving up a trip for Uchenna & Joyce they extra deserve it!
Mirna's good about giving advice but not so much on taking it.
"This is like a nightmare." Poor Mirna certainly does have quite the varied range of nightmares.

I'm impressed with how many people in Hong Kong speak English. Racers
got lucky!
Eric seems to be perfecting his defeatist attitude
this leg of the race.
Mirna & Charla kidnapping another he
I hope that Phil & his greeters have
chairs/beds off camera while they're waiting for the racers.
Alrighty then - another non-elimination race!

No way!!
2 teams ganging up on another team! Not in The Amazing Race - say it ain't so!!!

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