Monday, April 2, 2007

Frayed Edges

The great thing about Rowan Denim sweaters is that they become your favourite. The downside of this is that the edges wear & fray like your jeans do. And unless you really like this frayed look it requires some significant attention.
This is Julie's sweater - I knit it years ago & she loves it and the amount of wear is reflective of that love. This is what Denim Love looks

I used a length of crochet cotton and wove it through a the 4th row.

I counted up from the bottom except where it was so destroyed that I had to count down from the top of the ribbing.
I noticed a few thin threads on the 6th row so I ended up cutting on the 9th row. I needed to have a few rows of strong yarn so that I could use it to cast off with. Julie wasn't keen on the idea of using a length of brand new denim and having to break it in to match the rest of the sweater.
I snipped each stitch so that when I had gone across each piece it was quite easy to pull the frayed edge away from the sweater.

This is a pile of the cut bits that I had to pick off of the sweater bottom and the piece that I used to get yarn for the cast off.

Here are the nice upside down loops just waiting to be put on a needle and be cast off. Because they're upside down & the sweater was knit from the bottom up the stitches are off by a ½ stitch, but for this purpose - just casting off - it won't matter.

All better!!

Remember Amanda's headaches? How I thought that they were maybe from her medication, then perhaps from the stress of being a conscientious student?
Then last week she was looking through the paper to see if there were any paper routes available in our neighbourhood. "Find anything?" I asked as she folded up the paper. "No. But I didn't finish
looking 'cause the words are making my head hurt," she replied, rubbing her eyes with her hands, little tears starting to seep out.
I swear - the heavens opened up, an angelic chorus began singing & I saw The Light!!!
Thursday & Friday were spent running around with Amanda - optometrist, Lens Crafters and more Lens Crafters for adjustments. It was all worth it though - she now has glasses to correct for a significant astigmatism in her right eye which has been getting lazy and letting the left one do all the work. The poor darling - it was horrible to watch her try to read the far letters and get only about 10% of them right.

She wears them all of the time and is seeing & reading without headaches. I'm tearing up a little - I can't believe that this has been going on for months and I only just clued in!!

She worked really hard on this Thomas Kincade puzzle - I couldn't help but put a few pieces in! Thanks Ada - we love it.

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