Sunday, April 8, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part VIII

Not very nice but this isn't The Amazing Nice Race!
Way to try to psych 'em out Eric, but Uchenna & Joyce have ice water running through their veins. They're not affected by your petty mind games.

However, they might be affected by the actual airline schedule.

When these connections work you feel like a hero; when they don't, a total heel.
These aren't novice racers - I love seeing that they do their homework.
I'm getting vertigo just looking at that view! Those are some mighty steep stairs.
A yield - this should be interesting.
"...not by trying to hold people back." I guess you don't think that taking up 2 out of 2 computer terminals is holding another team back Mirna.
Cookie confection.
You don't even have to eat them - just break 'em. Artistic Impression - the stamping sounds fun, but it would take much to screw it up.
Crazy monkey - as opposed to the sane monkey!
A lot of fans? I think that I heard one "Go Charla!"
"Dirty, dirty Hookers!!!" OMG "Shady Bitches!"

You're wrong Danny - I know that you want to be right, but you're wrong. There is only 1 cookie with a licorice center not a whole box of licorice centered cookies.
Oh Mirna - you're my hero!!
Because Charla is physically incapable of doing a challenge you'll pick up the slack ... 'cause you're a team!!
You have to buy used newspapers!
WTF is that about?
Okay - if you're a beautiful blonde
you can get them for free.
"Ultra phony." That's the spurious calling the fake a phony.
Again with Mirna just walking over someone and taking what she wants.
Oh Lord - please don't start making Mini-Mirna's!!!
It's a fine line between love
& hate Danny - we know that you love Oswald!!

Riding over the curbs will break your bike Danielle.
It's a poor work(wo)man who blames her tools.
Poor Danny - the girls are charming the newspaper out of the people!
Hey - where the heck are Uchenna & Joyce?
Ahhh - here they are. So disappointing.
At least they didn't make them do the challenges!

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