Friday, April 27, 2007

Ready, Set, - wait a sec!

I'm still putting the final touches on my notes and stuff for the Frolic. 12 hours before I have to leave. Lots of time.

But I have finished the Taos cardigan. Now it's blocking ...

Now it's done.

And I've come up with a way that you can spot me - I will be wearing a pair of earrings that I just finished. Don't worry - they're not tiny.

Don't I feel clever?So if you're at the Frolic tomorrow, look for the woman with the crooked glasses - gimme a couple of months to get an eye check-up and I'll have me a new, well fitted pair!! - and Rockin' earrings and then come say "".

Rhonda wanted to see my sheep.
I don't have many - a tape measure, a bobble-head that Julie brought back for me from Australia & a Beanie. I included Knitter & Purl - she was a gift from a bus driver & his wife before I left Milton. I love her & will always remember Bill & his wife with an extra fondness for this thoughtful gift.

I know that my blog is a simple thing, more function than form. I've tried to add some personal touches, but I'm not a real web designer. Imagine my surprise when I read this review. Thanks for the referral Sandra - it totally made my day!!

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