Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Could be a Record

"Mommy. Something bad happened at school today."

There were no tears or blood so I didn't really go into Momma Bear Mode. I hadn't received a call from the school so Amanda probably wasn't involved in some sort of a brawl.
Next clue ... no glasses. Hmmmmmmm.
My imagination didn't even have to break a sweat. Uh-huh. Amanda actually wanted to tape them at the nose piece!! Fortunately I didn't have to make excuses to save her from that ultimate geek-sign (although it's nice to know that she likes her glasses and appreciates that they are helping her) because it was twisted in addition to being snapped in half. Wearing them taped in this condition would have required a Picasso-esque contortion of her face; also not a look I was ready to endorse.

When I called the optician to ask them to order another frame, he checked the computer to make sure we were within the warranty period. "Is this the pair that you just got last week?" he asks, a slight note of incredulity creeping into his voice.
"It's gonna be a great 2 years, isn't it?" I came back with. He didn't seem nearly as amused as I was.
Gotta love a good warranty!

I took Amanda and her friend Jenny to see Meet the Robinsons on the weekend. They loved it; I didn't mind it. Figuring out the plot early on took the suspense out of it but it was a cute story. I did some knitting on the latest Artisan Knitworks sweater and some on Amanda's Croc Sock. I bought her a pair of hot pink Crocs but they're a bit loose on her. I said "You just need a thick sock." "Okay!!!! Ankle socks?!" So there it is. I'm using a strand of hot pink Koigu and a strand of Flamingo Opal & 3.5mm needles. It's coming out a bit big on her so I'll have to rip it out and take out about 6 sts. Ah well.

I'll take pictures tomorrow. Promise, honest!!

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