Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Meet some of My People

They're not knitters but they're family so you love them anyway.

Uncle Grant (my mom's brother)

Aunt Pam (his wife)

Daphne (my sister)

Daphne, Uncle Wayne's head (another brother of my mother), my dad & I playing Solo. This is a great game - I don't know anyone outside of my family who plays it so I try not to forget how to play intelligently in between Gatherings.

There's more relations but Amanda was the Photographeur du Jour and this is what we've got. Amanda had a great time with her cousin Chantal; Kyle solved a wood puzzle that my uncle Wayne had made. It seems simple enough but making a square out of those shapes was a lot harder than it looks. Kyle was doggedly persistent and didn't give up - way to go Kyle!

Here we are in the first few minutes of 2007.
This is the first year that we've allowed Amanda to stay up & she had Kaylie over. MMM had the Top 50 Guilty Pleasures videos - mostly 80's stuff. Talk about memory lane - it was great!!

This is Linda Gibbons.
She is an advocacy consultant and is helping me work through the IPRC & IEP process so that Kyle can have some consistent help at school so that he can be more than just "full of potential". It's an exhausting dance - you have to give a lot to have a meaningful collaboration and it's reassuring to have someone with experience helping me learn the steps.

I got this lovely package today.
I have signed up for Chatelaine's Mystery X - a year long cross stitch mystery. I'm hoping that I will be able to keep up each month. Some keeners already have their January piece stitched; I'm going for a more leisurely pace way slower than that. ECC did a really beautiful job of packaging this up - it's almost a shame to have to break it open. They even put in a set of needles!!

I will take some un-informative pictures of my knitting tomorrow!!

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