Sunday, January 28, 2007

of Bum Wars & Silly Putty

given the current (and sick) fascination with Bum Wars, there will be some very disappointed Gogglers.

The trampoline finally came into the gymnastics r
otation & the girls loved it. Being a little human perpetual motion machine, I'm impressed with how well Amanda can stick a landing off of the beam (well, when she's not having a giggle fit anyway). When she's bouncing around on the trampoline, making a really excellent effort at the various movements, I'm sorry Coach Karen, but there is no bloody way that Amanda is going to stop cold. She just goes from jumping through her forms to bounce-walking off the tramp. Don't give up though - I mean, you never know!!

Then the girls had Bum Wars - *a bounce up, land on y
our bum, bounce up, land on of your feet* rep 'til one of the two messes up. Then the next girl takes on the winner. Natalie rocked it - she lost to Sarah, but that was after beating 3 other girls and a long set with Sarah.

Then we rushed to the library for a science thing that they were hosting. The kids got to make Silly Putty!! OMG - it's awesome.
some sodium borate solution and food colouring

some white glue

some kneading

some more kneading

Walla!! Silly Putty

Of course we had to stop and get the supplies so that she could make more at home.
I know, but you have no idea how very necessary it is to have a rainbow of Silly Putty available. If you Google "making Silly Putty" you'll find all sorts of recipes, some use liquid starch as a glue activator and others use sodium borate. Let's Talk Science sponsored this event - here's Manju & Tan with Amanda. They were very friendly and almost 30 kids in a small room at the back of the library didn't seem to phase them.

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