Saturday, January 13, 2007

For Daddy

I've been working hard at my school-work, doing gymnastics and practicing for the Spelling Bee.

The coach picked me to help show how to do the somersault on the beam. I just have to remember to tuck in my chin.

Guess what?! I was the only one who tried to do a cartwheel on the beam
(don't worry - it was the low one!!). Look how happy the coach is!!! I have to remember not to look for my boot-ay 'cause it makes me go crooked.

I was really scared
about spelling in front of people but I was getting much better by the end. I'm going to practice at the mall again tomorrow.

Mommy is getting some knitting done. Here's kind of a picture;
she had to make it look crazy 'cause it's a secret - you can see the stuff for real when you get home. Are you still coming home early? I love you lots and miss you more!!!

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