Thursday, January 4, 2007


Okay, there are other sweaters in the book, some of which I really loved a lot, but this isn't about them. Amy asked that I keep the sweater a bit secret still - build the suspense just a bit more - so I give you Morrigan a la Photoshop and a small descriptive tease to whet your appetite.

Jenna & I proudly posed with our baby. We didn't cave to the Jen peer pressure to make out.

I did score a couple of NSfY
buttons and Amanda caught some yarn in the act of adopting me.
Hey, they're my colours so no one will doubt that they belong in my family.

And speaking of Jen, I told her that I would post a picture of a Chiquita Banana ad from an old Life magazine, so here it is.
Yeah, it's rather beat up. I had that thing folded up and carried around from when I was in high school until I had it framed a couple of years ago. I still chuckle when I read it!

Sorry for the 101 seemingly identical entries. I hate it when text goes into a picture and the preview doesn't accurately portray the final layout so I have to (yes, have to) keep editing it. 102nd time's a charm!!!

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