Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm still here ...

I won't tire you with excuses for my absence, but I haven't been sitting idle eating bon bons.

I have the body of Amanda's Stop & Go sweater done. I will not have enough yarn to make 2 long sleeves so I will use 1/2 of what I have for each one and that is the length that they will be. She is not entirely pleased, but I have pointed out that 3/4 sleeves are tres vogue right

The Cropped Vero sweater is flowing off of the needles with a
life of its own. The sleeves are a k1, p1 rib with a k2 tossed in. I don't know as how it's worth the effort - it hardly makes a difference on the RS of the fabric. Ah well.

I finished the vest for Elise & I'm going to start on a 2nd version with more masculine colours. It's going to be wonderful!! She also gave me this yarn to work into a shawl/scarf.
The slightly temperamental nature of these yarns is worth working through for the stunning results. I probably won't have any progress pictures as the construction & shape of the project are simple and yet quite unique. (As soon as I have any details to share about this book you will be the fist to know!)

I'm starting on the 1st sweater for Kristi - it's stockinette so there's not much to see, but I'll try to get a picture up this week.

Kyle is sick. I feel a bit bad for him but he better just keep his icky germs to himself.
Amanda is having a great time - Kerwyn is taking her to all sorts of public skates, many of them sponsored by Tim Hortons. When we lived in Milton it just wasn't worth saving the $7 for a family to go to these sponsored skates - the arenas were so packed it was more like milling about than skating. I swear, skating is such a cheap entertainment it astounds me that so many more people come out when it's free. It wasn't nearly so crowded at the arenas up here and she was given a free Tim Hortons tuque.

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