Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Mischief

I know, but I've been knitting and home schooling and bus driving and shoveling all of the snow that's fallen in the last couple of days. Shoveling sucks. And when I say "sucks" I mean it's a lot of freakin' work and it hurts my back. Amanda was a willing helper and every bit helps, but there was still lots for me to do. And Kyle had assignment to complete this week so I didn't want him to use the driveway as an excuse not to do them, and I driving over the snow just makes it harder to shovel later. And I've got a paved driveway - I want to see it!!

While we were at the mall on Sunday for another spelling bee practice (the Spell Master just loved her smile) we happened into the pet store. Amanda now has a little fishy called Chucky. It's pretty low maintenance and considering how she & Kyle were eyeing up puppies I think that I got off easy.

Then yesterday on my way home I
saw a sign and I just felt like the time was right.
I asked Amanda if she would like to come with me in the morning. "Why?" "Because I'm asking you. It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." When we pulled into the destination driveway I handed Amanda a bag and told her that she should take out what's in it - we'd need it. When she saw Cheeky Monkey's kitty bed - she was shocked speechless. (okay, it was only for about 3.46 seconds, but for Amanda that's quite speechless) "Are we really getting another kitten? Really!?!" she asked with barely controlled ecstasy. "Would I tease you about something like this?"
So now we have a whole new kind of Mischief in the house.
We call her Miss for short. Amanda has been comparing her every move with Cheeky Monkey. I keep reminding her that, just like people, every animal has their own personality and we'll have to get to know her. She's a little ball of fluff, that's for sure. Kyle was pleasantly surprised and excited in a reserved, manly kinda way.

I am on the finishing stretch of Kristi's 1st sweater and have
started on the 2nd one. It's a kids sweater out of Wigwam in the Earth colourway.

Kerwyn is coming home early!! He'll get home late Saturday night - which works out great, he can come to Amanda's Spelling Bee.

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