Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catching up

It's been so long know that I don't feel inclined to tell a long story with details, so it's going to be a bit dot-jotish.

Mischief is mischievous and - lucky for her - cute.
Amanda giggles endlessly at her antics. She had her first visit with the vet & she was very brave!

Kerwyn came home safely & is quite the chopstick master.
He asked for chopsticks at the Mandarin and ate to his satisfaction with them. (and when I say "ate to his satisfaction" I mean he ate a lot. Kerwyn is no lightweight and he definitely gets his money's worth out of a buffet.) Poor Kerwyn has been struck down by some sort of stomach flu. He's not a very demanding sick person, and after 2 days of sleep, soup & juice he's going back to work tomorrow. I think that he should have another day of rest, but he's insisting that he is getting too far behind to possibly not go in. I hope that he comes home early at least.

Amanda & The Spelling Bee. Without bias, she was the cutest speller of the lot!
She was 45th in line out of 51 grade 4's. Knowing that prayer should not be used frivolously, I shamefully admit to making a small (though heartfelt) utterance for a word that would not trip her up in the 1st round. She practiced so hard but there were still some words from the practice list that could trip her up. I held my breath when the Spell Master said "permission". I knew that Amanda knew it, but the pressure ... not that you would know it to look at her. Cool as a cucumber. "kneepad" in the 2nd round was a cinch. The 3rd round was off list - they'd used all of the words on the practice list; the kids had to go with what they knew. I feel like I've let Amanda down somehow by not including "zoology" in her daily lexicon. But she took it like a trooper and, along with a little bee (spelling bee ... get it?) for her charm bracelet, we celebrated with dinner at the Mandarin. Chocolate makes everything better!! She wants to give it a go again next year - woo hoo!!!

I've got a lot of knitting done - I wish I could share it with you. I will when the time is right. (And when I say "the time is right" I mean when the books come out.) Hey, my hands are tied (with very nice yarn, but tied nonetheless). Of course, you could come visit me ... that'd be a totally different thing altogether.

Anyway, I'll try not to be away so long and I'll try to take some interesting, yet useless, WIP pics.

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