Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Let them eat cake

Chocolate cake even!!
Amanda made this on her own - I set up the oven and gave a couple of hints but this is a work of her own hands. (And it's good ... really, I'm even eating it!)

Amy is bringing her one copy of No Sheep For You to Lettuce Knit tonight!! Yes, I'm totally going to be there. Must see my Jenna's cabled sweater... Amanda is coming with me - I had to actually bribe her away from skating. Kerwyn is going to be home not early (not a newsflash or anything) and I didn't want her walking with Kyle to the arena & back in the dark. Normally she would love to go on an outing with me but the child loves her public skating!! No matter, no price is too high tonight. Don't tell her that though!!

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