Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Day Off

If I truly want a day off I have to leave home. Fortunately my friend Ada is a willing host and we always have a great time together. Sometimes we go out yarn shopping but mostly it's movies & knitting, cross stitching, beading; comparing, sharing and enabling.
Ada brought me back a scrumptious skein of baby alpaca
from her recent trip to Peru. From the way she talked about it, I was expecting a small, bitty skein - certainly not the 150g skein of laceweight that I received!! And it's a natural white so I can dye it before or after I knit it!!

I shared with her all of the work knitti
ng that I'm doing but can't show anyone (she can keep a secret like nobody's business!) and tempted her with the STR & LL that I bought down at Lettuce Knit.
I spent most of the day stitching on the Mystery X cross stitch. It is worked in hand dyed threads, metallics and a generous smattering of beads. It's so exciting seeing the design growing and watching the colours playing off of each other. I still have more to do, but January is young yet.

I came home tired but well rested & ready to be a single mom for 3 weeks. Kerwyn is off on another trip to China tomorrow. It's a long time, but I have quite enough knitting to keep me busy and Amanda has started her home schooling
so I'm sure that the time will pass quickly.

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