Sunday, September 24, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part 2

Grab yourself a pulled pork sandwich from the kitchen (yes, I was up very early today to start the Bah-buh-que) complete with vinegar sauce & coleslaw and your beverage of choice and I'll be right with you.
GDI - whad'I miss? Kyle remembered that he needed his hair cut the very second that AR started!!

It's a poor racer who blames his cab driver boys.
Good thing we got Rob on tape admiting his error - I have a feeling that that doesn't happen very often.
How many models does it take to change a tire?
It's a race pretty boys - you really think that other lagging teams are going to lag further to help you? Especially teams that you could probably beat on most challenges? Don't give up your day jobs.
Up to your axels in mud? I concur - you're stuck.
And again, no surprise that everyone takes notice but keep on going.
Rob - stop calling your GF "dude" dude!
Any time that you can choose to rely on your own skills/abilities rather than the cooperation of a beast (and when I say 'beast' I don't mean your partner), do it.
Yeah well, when you walk your horse Kimberley instead of riding it you'll generally fall totally behind.
Nah Peter, that's not quiting; it's just stoping before you're finished. And that's not giving up; it's going back again.
Suck it up Buttercup Rob! It's a Mongolian-beast drawn cart pulled over rocky rural terrain. Unless you'd like to stop and put some shock absorbers on it or pave yourself a nice road, it's just gonna be a bumpy ride.

Commercial break - would you like a slice of peach pie?

Hyundai's - don't get me started.
OMG - they have to crank them up like a freakin' wind-up toy!!!
Nice shot!!!
Sorry to state the obvious Tom, but that was a sad little dribble.
For a guy not saying anything you're saying a whole lot Rob.
C'mon Moms!!!
Cheerleaders having a stoopid day? Say it ain't so!

Yes, watching TV with me is exhausting, but you love it (and the eats) so I know that you'll come back next week for more.

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