Friday, September 8, 2006

Next Hurdle Please

Fastest Knitter - I've won it once so I am totally cool if it was a once in a lifetime event. I mean, I really hope that it won't be and I will always give all comers a run for their money, but I've met that goal so I can go back to being the bridesmaid.

Published Designer - I dabble in design when inspiration strikes and while Crystal is available as a free pattern, it was first published by KnitNet back in 2001.

Pusblished Author - I love talking. When I talk it's fast - I just have so many thoughts and if I don't get them out in time I forget them. Writing should solve this, right? I mean, if I could get the words on pap
er (or screen) then they'd be immortalized and could still be forgotten but still be retrievable. The problem is is that I can't type nearly fast enough!!! Curse me for not taking typing in high school.
So now when I really want to write - as opposed to just jot down some thoughts or record events - I make all sorts of jots on whatever is handy. Knitting patterns work great because I will never accidentally toss them and it's highly unlikely that I would allow them to become illegible crumpled or soggenly blurred. Then I save the draft, and over hours or days (depending on how quickly I need/want to get the thing out) there are additions, cuts and edits involving dictionaries and thesauruses to find the exact word to say what I
mean. I know that there are a few of you out there thinking, "Can we get Wannietta to write everything?" I love you for only thinking that and I know that you love me just the way I am or you'd stop calling me, making eye contact in public (yes, eye contact is just an unpsoken question and the perfect conversation starter) and asking me out!
I mentioned awhile ago that I had written an article about the Back to Back Wool Challenge for Spinners' Quarterly and encouraged you all to take out a subscription. Not just for my article ... really!! I know that most of you aren't spinners so this was impractical. Lorraine must h
ave sensed this as well and to keep an all-out spinner/knitter war from starting, she has posted my article on the SQ site. When I read it I actually went back to my drafts because there were some things that I didn't even remember writing! Lorraine is an awesome editor and makes me look like not an illiterate with spell-check!

So, next hurdle - I dunno!!! You can bet that I will take you all on the journey - unless it gets messed up and makes me look bad, then it will be vaulted.

Here is the Lacy Riverine scarf blocking.
That's the headband on the upper left. There just remains a pair of mitt/muffatees. They're like long shaped cuffs that you can wear as fingerless mitts or long cuffs.

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