Thursday, September 21, 2006

To Censor or Not

Indeed, that it the question of the day.

My mother is a devout Christian and raised us thusly. I fall quite a bit short of the devout mark and that hasn't been too hard to camouflage since my mother has been living totally off-line. Play ominous music - like when bad news is going to be delivered.

She has taken a leap of faith and joined the rest of us in the 21st century and is now online. I'm not quite sure how web-savvy she is, but I'm sure that my blog will not remain a secret. Dont get me wrong - I'm proud of everything that I do that becomes blog-worthy and I'm not ashamed of how I choose to express myself. Yet when I consider that my mother may read it gives me pause. I don't swear like a sailor or regale the masses with the details of my sexual escapades. Okay - the odd blue word slips in & adds some extra colour to my fairly plain life. I don't apologize for it; what you read on my blog is really who I am.
When I'm with my mother I have enough respect to literally bite my tongue, but should I be obligated to do that here? I feel that I should feel like I should, but truth be told I'm just not feelin' it.

Perhaps I could put a * in the title when swears were the most appropriate expression that I could come up with. Then she wouldn't have to read it. Except then she might feel extra special compelled to read what I wrote - like that sadistic curiosity about accidents scenes.
Maybe she'll love it won't say anything I'll just not think about it until she brings it up. And believe me, if she has an objection I'll know about it. Yeah, that's it - head in the sand, oblivious.

And do I really think that I could self-censor? I could too!! It just wouldn't last long and would probably induce a stroke
. Definitely not worth the risk. Take me as I am or leave me alone & I'll get back to my knitting.

Ada - I watched Grey's Anatomy tonight. I not as enamoured of it as you are but I'll give it a real chance - maybe it'll grow on me.
The Last Knit. This is a really funny video - I actually laughed out loud! I felt the depths of her passion, determination, desperation & complusion. There was one bit that gave me a bit of a panic attack, but fortunately I had some knitting in my hands to calm me. Thanks for the heads up Michelle!

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