Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Back on Track

Whew! I can get my routine back on track. School is back in and Kerwyn is back at work. Not that I don't love having him around - I really do. He does yard work & manly fixing things. When the kids come around harassing me "Can I have ... Can you make ... Where's ..." I can re-direct them. "Go ask your Dad." Mostly that's a conversation stopper, and even if it's not then it's not my problem. Win/Win. So it's great having Kerwyn around. Except I don't like doing a lot of housework with him around. Not that I've had a lot of time for that sort of thing what with the knitting deadlines that I've had. I just really don't like cleaning around him, feeling like the maid. I mean, if I had the cute little outfit and there was going to be a little big something in it for me, then that would be different, but I don't so there isn't so I hate it.

Kyle didn't want a "1st day" picture taken and I forgot to take one of Amanda in the morning, but here she is doing a bit of homework
after school. She also made the necklace that she's wearing. Beading is the hot thing right now - you can tell by going into Michaels and walking up and down 3 aisles + the end displays of beading supplies.

And what does this moon mean?
My grandmother always talked about the moon and different colours and what they portended. She absolutely lived by her Farmers' Almanac. A bright ring of light has to mean something - a harvest moon? impending Apocalypse? another Fastest Knitter win? Someone help me out here!!!

Saturday I am going to be working at The Needle Emporium so if you're going to be anywhere near Ancaster, ON - please stop by and say "hey". You don't have to buy any yarn or yarn accessories. I mean, you can if you want and I am more than qualified to hook you up with a fix help you pick out the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern. (And when I say "qualified" I mean that as an Enabler without a support group, I won't be able to stop myself from gushing about any number of great yarns/books/needles and your options are to nod agreeably, purchase something anything and back out of the store slowly or to sit and knit with me.)

Lacy Riverine is coming along nicely - I am going to try to block out the scarf and headband tomorrow and will take a picture to share.

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