Sunday, September 10, 2006

Amanda @ Julie's

Amanda really wanted to try her hand at working with me at Julie's. Kyle had been coming with me for the last few years (I've actually forgotten how long it's een) but recently has felt like it's too long of a boring drive each way ('bout 2.5 -3 hours). So Amanda convinced me that she was good for it. And she was. She neatened shelves and tidied up some of the Anchor tapestry wool downstairs.
She has a whole different style than Kyle does. He prefers to do one or two cubby holes at a time & if he finds yarn further down for a shelf that he's already done, he'll move the neat front yarn and put the new ball in the back. Amanda wipes out the entire section that she's organizing. (and when I say 'wipe out' I mean it) She then begins sorting out what will go where, finds all of the appropriate balls that belong there and then puts everything where it belongs. Here is one of her completed shelves. She also demonstrated a keen eye for subtle colour variations. A couple of times she asked, "Are these the same colour?" It turned out that the yarns had different dyelots. She now knows about the colour & lot #'s on the ball bands.
Without bias, I have to say that she worked more consistently and tirelessly than Kyle did on his first day. We stayed a bit late to finish a section that I had started in the store room (I just couldn't leave it in a half-finished state. It would have been worse than not having started it in the first place). I had to alnost drag her out of the store. I swear, she would have stayed the night if I had encouraged her even a little. Julie - Amanda would like to know when we can come back. And it isn't just the about the money for her - she really enjoyed herself! I've missed working at The Store too - it was nice to be back, even if it was just for the day.

Okay, maybe it's because I aced it but this was a fun test/game. Give it a go & let us know how you did!

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Edited to add: I apologize for not knowing how to tweak the code for this test so that it doesn't spill into the sidebar. I tried but have lost this battle. That and some really sick (and I don't mean that in a cool way) grammar. A Hard Mike's is good to find but hard on my skils (sic).

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