Sunday, September 17, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part 1

I have waited so long for this ... it better live up to my built-up expectations!
Drinkie - check

Snacks - check
Knitting - check

I agree - if Kerwyn could build me another set of arms to knit with I would be totally attracted to him!
Yeah Kimberly - you gotta learn that! (those 2 are gonna get a lot of camera time; I can just tell)
I don't know as how I would describe AR as "quality time", but whatever.
Please don't put "ability to have a conversation with a doorknob" as an attractive quality - it kinda makes us think that you're cheerleaders.
It's an automatic Benz ... these two are gonna be funny - if they last. OMG - they're not the only ones!!
The coalminers wife thinks that the beauty queens are beautiful ... go figure.
"Thrifty's a rental car place ... how'm I supposed to know that?" you gotta learn these things Kim.
If Muslims believe in Buddha, then who do Buddists believe in?
It's AR Alabama - you take any advantages that you can. Have you not watched the show before?
No fucking way!! This is why I would never, ever be on this or Survivor or any bloody show with shit for food. Slimey is slimey whether you chew it or not.
You go girls!!!
So you're hungry are you?

Coalminers wife can't be shaken - you rock!
"You don't know the Golden House?" wtf - you really think that one restaurant is going to help you to eat at another? Maybe in the happyl ittle Land of Beauty Queens (and maybe Canada - we're stupid nice like that) but not in China.
I wonder if Kellie & Jamies' hands are callused from clapping so much?
That's a shame - must've been the will of God. Do you think that the AR, progress of the teams (or lack thereof) or who wins is even on His radar? Okay, if you think so.
Like any of y'all had time to get to know - what were their names?
Not quite so sexy when he's not quite so useful, huh?
I think that I'd have to go with the labour & let Kerwyn pick up my slack. I'm way too white to be that coordinated and too uptight to be that relaxed. Kerwyn's an engineer and is very methodical. He'd have that brick thing aced.
I agree. Sitting in traffic in a foreign country with no clue where to go is bad. No two ways around it.
The Beauty Queens think that the male models are attractive - go figure.
Maybe you wouldn't have to "take tones" with each other if you'd listen to Kim a bit dude. You may be a man but you are not The Man.
The Chinese people do not seem to be amused by the American Slapstick take on Tai Chi.
Yeah, maybe you should (use the loops) actually. Show off!
Hell, I'm crying for Sarah.
I'm developing a liking for the Coalminers wife - she tells that man and he knows not to smart her back!
Yeah Tom & Jerrry!!! It wasn't pretty but it was done.
Good Karma - well it worked for the Hippies. It's worth a shot.
I shouldn't laugh because I'm quite certain that I would suck to the -enth power at wall climbing, but it's funny!!
Moms rock!
Wives rock!
Was Vipul's 'Colege" t-shirt supposed to be a joke?

We are not disappointed! I am exhausted though - at least I'll have a week to recover.

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