Saturday, September 2, 2006

Another one down

Let's pretend that this is Monday and I'm here with the picture that I promised.

Blurry, but you can see the whole body

Not a cropped cardigan

Fiona & Rob came to pick it up today and of all of the things that Amanda remembered to do while they were here (I swear, you'd think that our children led sheltered lives and that we never had people over.) she didn't think to remind me to take a picture! I think that I actually forget to take more pictures than I remember to take. Well, you've all got imagination - go to see Fiona and then imagine her really happy with the above linen sweater. Got the picture in your head? Perfect - that's just like it was! Give yourselves a hand, you're a great audience!!

Stock had their start up meeting. Now, not that these meetings aren't very informative - they are. It's just that they start late and the imparting of the
information is, well, not all that riveting and it just keeps dribbling out. Like Chinese Water Torture. Knitting keeps these meetings bearable and me from going insane. Here is what I have to show for 2+ hours (well, I have my run sheets & route # and a nice t-shirt too, but let's keep our priorities straight here). I'm sure that the line where the stitches sat on the bench waiting to be sent into the game will block out.

I started on a lovely scarf set for Elann today.
(And when I say today, I mean we're done pretending that it's Monday - it's Saturday again.) It's a Heartstrings pattern out of a nice laceweight mohair from Elann. It's not on their site yet but I'm really looking forward to seeing the colour range.

I took a quick pic of this moth that Amanda & I saw on our way through the BK drive thru. Not invisible camo, but I thought that it was beautiful.
There is inspiration for something in this picture, I'll let you know when I figure out what it is!

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