Wednesday, September 13, 2006

An Interview with Amanda

So Amanda, what do you think about all of the comments about your work?
It's cool, I guess. I didn't think so many people would really care.

What's your favourite colour?
Pink. (As she rolls her eyes. She's slow gett
ing into the spirit of this interview thing)

Who do you want to win Big Brother?

Who do you wish could have won?
Chicken George

Is your room as neat as Julie's shelves?
Noooooo! (I'll take a picture and then you othe
r mothers won't be jealous)

What was the best part of your day working at The Store?

When my mom let me help on the cash register. She told me what buttons to push - I didn't make any mistakes.

Do you know how to knit? Are you knitting anything right now?

Yes. No.

What is your favourite thing that you mom ever knit for you?

The pink pom pom hat. The one that Cheeky Monkey ate the pom pom's off of. Can you make me another one this year?
Get in line kid Of course, love.
Are we done yet?

She's shy around new people. No worries though, once she gets to know you she'll be telling you enough to write epics and their sequels with.

Seriously - thanks for all of the positive & encouraging comments. Amanda loves having her pictures on the blog & gets a kick out of the comments.

This is Ted. He is my Personal Nerd from Nerds On Site.
The desktop has been slowing down exponentially over the last year. I literally walk away and knit a few rows or make a pot of coffee or take a potty break while the POS expensive paperweight boots up. Then there's the scanner problem where I have to unplug it before the computer reboots or else I get an error message - a big one that can't just be clicked away. Then when I set up the wireless router for Etienne I managed to screw up the internet connection to the destop. Since Etienne & I are up & surfing I wasn't too worried about it; the children on the other hand have made it quite clear (on a daily basis) how they feel about being unplugged.
But Ted fixed it all! And when he said that he could/would network Etienne with Andrew so that Etienne could print for me without have to save to a data key - I swear that it required all of my willpower not to throw my arms around Ted and kiss him! I even said "Ted, if you do that for me I will have to stop myself from kissing you!" Fortunately he was only slightly freaked out and covered it up smoothly with a chuckle.
Ted was prompt, professional and knowledgeable. He did his thing without being intrusive or invisible. He was friendly without being familiar. I am really impressed.

The Children are super impressed! They came running out to meet me after school. "It's so cool!! It's really fast now! Did you do that?!" I think that the emphasis on the last question implied incredulity rather than awe. They know me too well.

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