Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Amanda's Yesterday

The knitting goes on and there is really nothing new or noteworthy to share so I will blog Amanda's yesterday.

Perhaps with all of the excitement about Talk Like a Pirate Day y'all missed the World Volleyball Tryouts. Tuesday was the 1st p
art, there is another session Thursday. Fortunately I was there and I bring you a couple of the best moments. No, I didn't get any knitting done for the half hour that I was there. Trust me, taking the pictures was dangerous enough. Volleyballs in the hands of 9-11 year olds could be construed as weapons. Look at the concentration on Amanda's face! "I'm not going to miss. I'm not going to miss. I'm not going to miss!" Taking into consideration that most children don't spend a lot of time at home practicing volleyball Amanda did really well. I managed to capture her one perfect serve - the other 2 went astray.

She didn't seem quite herself, but I chalked it up to just trying really hard to make a good first impression on the coaches. By the time we got into the van she has little tears running down her face. I thought that she was disappointed because there are only going to be 12 girls chosen for the team. Sandy (her friend Riley's mom) & I had told the girls that most likely the older girls would
be selected, try your best, next year/different team - you know the routine. It wasn't that. She had a headache and her stomach hurt. I gave her some Tylenol when we got home then went downstairs to talk with Kyle. By the time that I got back upstairs the li'l darlin' was already in her bed falling asleep. She woke up when I tucked her in and started getting upset because she had a short story to write (spelling word exercise). I swear I don't know which is more trying - the child who lies and tries to get out of any & all homework or the child who demonstrates a serious dedication to homework completion. I reassured her that we would work it out, so she laid back down and slept for a few hours. (Dr. Cheeky Monkey has a great bed-side manner) When she woke she had some soup then knocked off a rough story draft ("I can't sleep - my head feels a bit better.") that needs some editing and re-writing. I could see that she was really trying to push through the headache so I insisted that she go back to bed & I wrote a note for Ms. Zupancic (Zoo-pan'-zick), who seems very nice & I'm sure will understand.
Amanda feels much better this morning. I told her that we're going to keep track of these headaches and try to see if there's a pattern. For her to feel so sick from them I have a small suspicion that they may be migraines. I hope it's not her medication (for ADHD), but if it is we'll just try something new. Even on the meds she eats a decent lunch, so it's not a hunger-headache.

Today I picked up some nice large (9lb) pork butt roasts from a local me
at shop - Country Meat Cuts. These are going in the smoker on Saturday. Smoke ... mmmmm. It was amazing! Freezers full of boxed meat, fresh meat and a mind-boggling array of homemade frozen food. I swear that I will never go to M&M again! I bought some stewing beef for (big surprise - drum roll please ...) beef stew, some sausages to try, some individual hot lunches for Kerwyn when he doesn't have sandwiches and I couldn't resist a peach pie. Peaches .... mmmmmmm. Cheeky Monkey had his face up in it as soon as I set the box down.

I may have mentioned it before but I really love watching tv. It has kind of a symbiotic relationship with my knitting so I don't apologize for it.
Anyway, with all of the returning shows & the new shows I'm having to really plan my evenings. I have Bell ExpressVu with a PVR (Personal Video Recorder - like Tivo) but our 15+ year old tv doesn't have the right connections to hook it up. As it is Kerwyn had to set up a converter so that we could have the satellite & DVD both hooked up & not have to actually undo & redo wires everytime we wanted to switch between them. So until we get a new tv I thank God for satellite & time shifting. Tonight it's ANTM, Jericho, Criminal Minds & CSI NY. Talk about an intense night!
I started reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter in preparation for the new series (aptly named) Dexter. This show looks seriously intriguing, not in small part due to the talents of Michael C. Hall.

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