Saturday, June 10, 2017

New Toy

I have been finding it more and more of a challenge to read my Kobo Glo at night. Maybe I'm getting old , or maybe because I'm used to my phone dimming and changing to a warmer low light, but the bright blue Glo of the Kobo is noticeably disturbing my sleep. So I did my research and I went and bought an Aura One today.  
It has a warmer light conducive to night reading, its waterproof, and it also allows for direct downloads from the library without a sideways device! I have already borrowed a book!! 
I loaded it up and ordered a case from Amazon. 
I have been keeping up with the Starting Point MKAL by Joji, but I've been at the back of the pack. I am enjoying the knitting of it, though I'm struggling slowly through another k/p tbl section at the mo. 
 Blogging app is being odd and won't let me right-justify pics ... it's annoying. 

So that gets you caught up ... it's been slow in my life, but I like it like that. 
I'll be getting a new project from Julie when she's back from TNNA, so I'm looking forward to that. 
I've also been on a bit of a yarn-buying spree, so I'll update you on those when they arrive. I'm excited about those!! 

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