Sunday, June 11, 2017


Nothing planned today so we watched the French Open final, then headed out to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary  I follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and I've been wanting to go see the dogs for awhile. 
You know that feeling you get when you know you want another child? Yeah. I wasn't sure if I wanted to fall in love or not, but it was a lovely day to visit dogs. 
I didn't fall in love, but these two caught my eye. I'll think on it and maybe go back for a visit. 
Craig had his serious face on. 
I am making progress on my last Clue of the Starting Point MKAL. I love my colour #2, Sin. It's so bright and I love it! 
We went to see Wonder Woman this aft. I'm not usually one given to emotions when watching films, but when Wonder Woman ran across No Man's Land, hit her mark and crouched into her power stance, fending off a barrage of bullets with her shield, I got struck with some feels. 
I love a movie with a strong female lead, and this one goes to the head of the class. Though Kill Bill is still a strong fave. 
I started knitting on my sock but I couldn't keep track of 2x2 ribbing 🙄 and there were mistakes. I knit the tail into the fabric 
 And something wonky happened here.  
So I just watched the movie. Sigh. 

The new kobo is fantastic! The balance of it in hand makes the larger screen a total win. The yellow-tinted night-mode lighting is a noticeable upgrade and my eyes are grateful. 
Settling in now for an easy evening, making some visible progress on the shawl.  

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