Monday, June 26, 2017

A little of this, a bit of that

Today needed up being a big winding day. Lace is a lot of work to wind - there's mileage on a skein and then the re-winding so it's not tight on the ball. 
I have my Lorna's Laces wound and ready for the Beyond the Wall MKAL
 I also wound some sock yarn to do a pair of inside-outside socks for Elise  Working on the Sweet Spot strip has got my Knit One Below mojo tingling again! 
I sense a pattern here, but the speckled nature of this lolodidit yarn is making it less clear. I've ordered a couple skeins of her kettle-dyed yarn to make it easier to lock down. 
I went into the Spare Oom this afternoon and bravely started peeling away layers. I found the box that I was looking for, cleared out a bag of rubbish, and got the shelf back in. That was a struggle, and much more challenging than it should've been. I had lines and angles shifting in my vision and reality wasn't matching up. But she persisted!!
I cast on for a hat this afternoon ... I think I've caught a bad case of startitis!! 
 The only cure for that is finishing, so Imma be a busy knitter. 
I got my Hedgehog Fibres sock club pkg in the mail, but I haven't opened it. I feel like I should save it as a reward or incentive. I know, but it's a fickle willpower ... I can't resist DQ treats or more yarn lately. 

So, back to the needles I go - a happy knitter I am surrounded by all these inspiring swatches and yarns!! 

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