Monday, June 19, 2017

Good mail day

So I read the instructions on my next clue wrong and did the first set of gates with two threads instead of over two threads.  Though the piece is worked over two threads, so it was a redundant instruction that my Brian re-worked to make relevant. Yeah, that's what I'm going with.  
I liked the look, but I wasn't sure, so I also did a set with a single strand. 
 Definitely liking the heavier gate better!! 
I did give some thought to another set of gates further up in the design, and I may have to do them double-stranded as well, though they are a different colour and esthetic, so I'll have to see when I get there. I also went online and ordered more of the purple for the current gates and black for the next gates so I don't run out. 
So now I'm going over the 2nd set of gates again, then moving on to the other 3 corners. 

Happy Mail day today! 
I have been following Lauren aka lolodidit on Instagram for awhile and I finally ordered!!
This is going to make an amazing Sweet Spot strip!!! 
I know ... that's a lot of exclamation marks, but I'm that excited!! I know my plan was to cross stitch (especially while I'm between knitting assignments), but I might have to wind and swatch. 

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