Thursday, June 22, 2017


The power was out for a good part of Angus yesterday and Dairy Queen was closed. It made for an oddly disconnected feeling day. 
I grilled some burgers for dinner and whipped up a Greek salad. I knit until it was dark, accompanied by a movie on the laptop, then music fueled with my back up batteries which I charged in the car as needed. Then it was early to bed and reading on the new kobo. I slept poorly, always checking to see if the power had come back on (ceiling fans), then getting woke up when it did by the shrill beeping of the CO2 detector. I did get some quality reading time in, which was nice. 

There were all sorts of glitches at work today due to the sudden outage, but we persisted and largely triumphed. 

I swatched last night with lolodidit everyday sock, something blue.  Her dyeing technique is proving something of a challenge to me in sussing out the Sweet Spot, but I do love a challenge. And I am quite fond of saying that if I can find a Sweet Spot in Koigu, I can find it anywhere! I think I see a hint of a pattern, but I'm uncertain. 
I'm going to try my hand at the Lucille colourway tonight. 
Timehop had this picture today. 
Mixed memories, but it makes me smile, so a win. And any picture with Amanda is a good one ❤️☺️

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